Beaver Scouts Ages 5-7

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Our Beaver program is for boys and girls, ages 5 to 7. The Beaver program starts in September and goes to the end of June.

Meetings are held at Ralph McCall school on Monday and Wednesday nights. If you are looking for more information about registration or our program, please contact us at [email protected] and we will happily answer your questions

Welcome to the Pond!

As Beaver Scouts, you get to discover your world by exploring a map of the Pond. Embark on adventures like camping, hiking, playing games and even having campfires—all the while making great new friends along the way!

Each symbolic area on the map provides an opportunity to plan, learn and review the six program areas of Scouting: Environment & Outdoors, Leadership, Active & Healthy Living, Citizenship, Creative Expression and Beliefs & Values. By brainstorming with your Beaver Lodge or Colony, you will discuss what kinds of adventures to explore in each different place at the Pond. For example, you may want to visit Hawkeye’s Campfire on the map, which calls for planning a campfire and special ceremony; or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at Echo’s Mountain, which involves an Outdoor Adventure Skills activity.

Beavers are a creative bunch, and you will love sharing ideas and learning with your friends!




I promise to love God and help take care of the world.
Sharing, Sharing, Sharing 
A Beaver has fun, works hard and helps family and friends


The Beaver Scouts program is built around a variety of activities that include but is not limited to the following:
  • Nature walks and hikes
  • Family-based camping 
  • Games and sports
  • Crafts
  • Storytelling and playacting
  • Sleepovers
  • Learning about the community