Christmas TreeCycling

Thank You for all the wonderful support we recived from the community!  

Due to the success of this years program we are looking forward to planning it again for 2020.  Keep posted for details as next years holiday season approches. 

Community Service.

It was great getting our youth out helping the community. The appreciation they recieved while doing the pick ups helps them feel like a valuable part of the community.  

Our community cleanup and tree planting associated with this event was also a huge success.  We hope to expand out efforts for next year. Thank you to Water Valley Forest Nurseries for the donation of the trees.


All donation recieved are greatly appreciated. 

As a non-profit, volunteer run community group we alway appreciate donation as they help us run the program to keep the adventures rolling for the youth. 

Thank you for your contribution!
1st Airdrie Scouts

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